Welcome to the Nahua Newsletter

The Nahua Newsletter (ISSN 1066-0089) was first published in 1986 by Brad R. Huber (Professor of Anthropology, College of Charleston).  The goal was to increase communication among students and scholars interested in the culture, language, and history of the Nahua and other Native American peoples of Mesoamerica.  Alan R. Sandstrom (Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne) became editor in 1990.

For 25 years, we mailed printed copies every February and November to more than 400 readers in 15 countries.  Since 2009, the Nahua Newsletter has been published exclusively online at nahuanewsletter.org on the same twice-per-year publishing schedule.  After a brief hiatus (with issue no. 50, October 2011), we are back online in PDF format, publishing on an irregular schedule as often as warranted.

By transitioning to WordPress, we hope to use the website’s moderated commentary features to balance the formal and informal communication potential of the Nahua Newsletter.

In accord with past policy, the text of current and archival issues will remain freely accessible to readers worldwide.  If you would like to be notified when a new issue is posted, send a current email address to the editor at nahua@ipfw.edu.

Please read and enjoy the Nahua Newsletter.  Better still, become an active part of the international community of people fascinated by the rich cultural traditions of indigenous Mesoamerica.  Send us your news announcements, accounts of current research projects, recent findings, and any information that will be of interest to other readers.

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